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Presentation | LLUÍS CECCHINI

Laparoscopy has revolutionized surgery in a way never before seen. Laparoscopical approach has adopted most traditional surgical techniques to turn them into less invasive procedures reverting into clear benefits to the patient. Almost all procedures can be undergone by a laparoscopic approach.

I believe it is a revolution in the way of understanding surgery that allows for a refinement in the different surgical procedures more than simply avoiding traditional great wounds.

This approach allows offering the most efficient treatment to cure oncological diseases –surgery- minimizing collateral lesions related to any kind of surgery.

Personally, starting the development of these techniques as a pioneer in our country has let me grow as a surgeon and receive the recognition of my mentors, without whom it would not had been possible.

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X Congresof Vasc Society Urology; XVI Jornades de Live Cirugy
  Hospital of Galdakao- Usansolo. 22-23 september of 2011. Descàrrega de la presentació (14.40 MB)
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Undertaking of a procedure. laparoscopy column with the high resolution monitor.   Laparoscopy in prostate cancer.Teknon medical center
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